89 • are aesthetically appealing with a unique site design • make important content, like top posts and about us pages, easy to find • rely on simple words and short sentences, and are thus easy to read and understand • are well structured – with headings, subheadings, pictures, videos, and bulleted lists to help break up the content Filter & Offer High Content Quality Tools such as Google Reader, iGoogle, Google Alerts, and custom RSS news feeds make it easy to subscribe to and read a lot of information. If you read 50 different websites and only cover the best parts you save other people the time it took you to read 50 different websites. Some of the better bloggers also write drafts, save them, and finish them a few days later. If you are selling content off your blog it may make sense to post less frequently but only publish your best content. That makes your time appear more valuable, and makes your content quality better than a person who feels they have to write about everything. Jakob Nielson's Write Articles, Not Blog Postings offers additional background on filtering and content quality. Social Interaction Many of the top channels got to be top channels by adding original content and value to their marketplace. Others may have got there by stroking the egos of key players in their market. Your content quality does not matter until you get people to consume it. So here are a few tips to help you get noticed • Quote and link to popular bloggers, and add value to the conversion • Leave valuable useful comments on popular related blogs • Write articles for other popular blogs • Create community based ideas and ask for feedback or involvement of community members before launching it • Actively solicit comments and reply to them • Network offline at industry trade shows, conferences, and community gatherings

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