88 one of the easiest ways to do it is to BE THE MEDIA. To summarize the key message from their report: The "voice" delivering a message, along with its perceived authenticity, will become as powerful perhaps as the message or offer. Due to a rapidly increasing number of competing channels, each publisher is vying for a smaller piece of the pie. As people like you and me spread stories of blogging success, it gets harder to jump into the blogging game late. There are many strategies you can use to accumulate attention against more established players. Passion If you are passionate about a topic it shows. People who share that passion do not subscribe to your blog, they subscribe to that passion. And they also share it with others. Bias Each of us is brilliant and highly flawed. We are all human. Communities are built around commonly shared ideas and shared points of personal identity. We are more likely to listen to and believe those who tell us things confirming our worldviews than people who challenge them. Fox News is successful because it turned news into biased entertainment. Many of the most popular blogs are popular because they are biased and entertaining. It is easy to build a community around negativity, but it is hard to profit from that type of community. People looking to spend money are more interested in stories of hope and success. Niche With there already being 1,000's of SEO blogs, I would not start a new blog focused on SEO in 2008. The only way I would allow myself to do that is if I was focused on SEO for a specific vertical like real estate or if I was focusing on a subset of SEO like link building. From a publishing standpoint, owning an idea is much more valuable than being a #57 player in a larger market. The top site in any niche gets more media exposure, more self reinforcing exposure, and can charge more for ads than a site which is viewed as an also ran. Formatting We thin slice the information we see and make quick judgement calls. We are more likely to trust and subscribe to sites that:

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