87 $500) is if you are trying to appeal to people who are trying to buy something for its extravagance. Value & Price Disconnect If you look on the marketplace, sometimes a brand new hardcover version of a book will sell for far less than a used copy of the paperback version. I find it interesting in a marketplace of that size that there would be large price disconnects with items so close to one another. In any market there will be price disconnects, many of which will make no logical sense. If your long-term business model is being the cheapest, then you may want to refocus on brand-building or other aspects, or your business model may be doomed from the start. Blogging Why is Blogging Such an Effective SEO Strategy? Over time popular bloggers build up hundreds or thousands of subscribers. These subscribers are people interested in the field or topics that blogger writes about. Each time those bloggers write a new post those readers get notified of the new content in their RSS readers. Imagine that… • everytime you had an idea to share, that 5,000 people who trust your opinions see it. • most of those 5,000 also write blogs in your field or related fields. • some of those bloggers frequently mention your site • some of those bloggers also have thousands of subscribers. Blogs are all about spreading ideas (via in content links) and accumulating attention. Where people go search engines follow. If many people link to your blog posts that also boosts your search engine rankings for the other parts of your site. If you write a frequently updated blog the media is more likely to believe you are a topical expert than if you are just a merchant selling goods in your industry. Attention IBM gave away a free report called the End of Advertising, which talks about how infinite user choice is making us less willing to accept selfish and interruption driven marketing. Which means that going forward if you want to spread an idea

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