85 I have sold more copies of this e-book than the average physical book sells. If my business model revolved around a physical book, the slim margins would mean I could not afford to compete in the pay-per-click market, and affiliate marketers would market inferior products to my book because they would get paid a higher commission. Do not let others fool you into thinking that you need their help or that you need to be a part of their network to succeed. A few years ago, I knew nothing about the web or marketing; I was kicked out of the military for using drugs; I had few social connections; and I had to backdate a credit card to have money to live on. Now, money is of no concern to me. To be honest, I could probably make at least five times as much as I do just by writing smaller and quicker e-books on a wide variety of topics and marketing them via strong sales copy and pay-per-click ads. If you look through the ClickBank marketplace, you will see there are thousands of Internet marketers making far more money than I do by doing just that—creating dozens of similar information products in various markets. Business Model & Visitor Value Some people are good at sales and know how to create more value out of their site visitors. When you learn how to increase your visitor value by increasing the amount they are willing to buy or how often they convert, you allow yourself to receive far greater exposure. For example, at $40 I had maybe 20 affiliates. After I doubled the price of my e-book, I could afford to pay a high enough commission to interest more good affiliates. Once you know the value of an average site visitor, then you know how much you can afford to spend on leads, which in turn helps you feel comfortable marketing more aggressively. Don't try to compete directly against more profitable business models (for example, link brokers) in hyper-saturated, pay-per-click markets. Capturing Leads versus Sales When selling expensive items (over 00), many marketers prefer to get the prospect's primary e-mail address before trying to sell the item. Direct response marketing usually peaks in response rate around the third exposure, so many marketers want to get prospects on an autoresponder series. Many marketers also have the shopping cart page open in a new browser so the prospect has to close two browser windows to leave the site. How Well Does My Item Fit the Web? Some items make no sense to sell over the web. Heavy commodities that are cheaply and easily accessible are bad items.

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