83 This screenshot is the upper left corner of an AdSense site. For the screenshot, I changed the topic of the site to "Illinois Dental" because I didn't want to point out the vertical the site targeted. Notice the following about the screenshot: • Under the tab titled Illinois Dentists, in an area that looks like sub navigation, there are Google AdLinks. • Where left-hand navigation normally goes, there is a 160x 600 wide skyscraper. • The AdSense link color is default blue. • The AdSense URL color is the same color as other page elements to integrate it into the site design. • The color flag in the upper left draws attention toward the upper left. If the eye moves down or to the right from there, people find ads. Other AdSense Tips • Inline ad blocks also get a great click-through rate. • Typically, I place fewer ads on the home page than inner pages in order to make my AdSense sites seem less ad-cluttered than they are. Some pages sell the site as being of quality and linkworthy. Other pages sell ad clicks. It is a balancing act. • If you make the content look ugly enough, the ads can look relatively appealing, but that is probably not a good approach for sites you want to be long-term earners. • Centering content and using fixed-width designs makes it easy to control the ad placement and ad-to-content ratio. • Many high-traffic, low-cost-per-click sites can greatly increase their income by placing Google search boxes on their site. Value-Added Packaging In any arena, there will only be a few people who make lots of money packaging or repackaging information. Coming up with value-added packaging ideas will help guarantee the success of your product. I sold more books than I ever thought I would have based primarily on the fact that the book was attached to my blog. Most other SEOs selling a book do not have a search engine news blog where they give away free tips. If you sell things, like jewelry, the visual appearance of the site is exceptionally important. Design and copy help develop trust and are part of the packaging. People do not pay (or want to pay) for what something is allegedly valued at; they want to pay what they feel it is worth to them.

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