82 When using AdSense, the CTR and earnings can be much higher if you make a couple small changes. The key is to test different things to see what is most effective for your site design and setup. Some sites place the ads in such a way that it hurts their ability to gain links. If you are actively trying to promote a site and build an audience, make sure the ads are not so prominent that they end up causing people to question the purpose or usefulness of your site. For example, it may make sense to show no ads on your home page to make the site seem more legitimate. Many blog posts are generally short, targeted, and quick to make. Many blog networks are used as AdSense keyword nets. Reporting topical news can build a large number of pages quickly. Weblogs, Inc. is one of the more well-known blog networks that aggressively integrates AdSense ads. Google also offers AdLinks, which is another ad format that has helped some publishers. A new contextual ad program by the name of Chitika has been gaining praise from a number of bloggers although some have been absolutely frustrated by their ad auditing. An Example of Aggressive Google AdSense Integration Please note the the below integration is rather aggressive, moreso than you would probably do if you were running a longterm business. Google may eventually look at artificially high AdSense clickthrough rates and flag the associated websites for review and/ or demotion. At one point in time you could put images right next to ads to entice clicks, but after too many people started abusing it Google changed their policy to disallow that.

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