81 when I was new I frequently did it, and I occasionally still do today. If you can save $50 for ten minutes of work, why not do it? Google AdSense Since Google automates so much of the ad sales process and has such a large user base, some people can make good money just by selling AdSense ads. Here are a few tips for getting the most profit out of your AdSense ads: • Good advertisements do not look like ads. Blend AdSense ads with the site design by using similar fonts and colors. • Usually the banner ad format is not good unless is looks exceptionally similar to the site design. Different format types will have different CTRs and earnings. The vertical 160x600 "wide skyscrapers" and ad blocks work well for me. • Some people place many ad units on each page. This may work, but many times this hurts earnings since you are selling more ad inventory to cheap ads, which may end up getting clicked instead of the more expensive ads that would display if you ran fewer ad units. • Default blue with underline is good at getting clicks. Increasing ad clickthrough rate should be a consideration before doing any major design or redesign. • Some people place visual cues next to their AdSense ads, but you cannot tell people to click on the ads. • If you are running a somewhat spammy AdSense site that is just there for AdSense revenue, you want to limit users' options by not giving them many other links to click on. Either do not use site navigation above the fold or visually depreciate the navigation links. • Google AdSense has channel tracking and URL tracking, which will show you how various channels and sites perform. Additionally, there are a variety of third party programs that sell for around $50 to 00 that provide additional details. • Google offers AdSense optimization tips on their site at https://www.google.com/support/adsense/bin/static.py?page =tips.html. Notice how placing ads where navigation typically goes increases earnings. • JenSense.com is a good blog about contextual advertising. Jen is also branded as an AdSense expert. She sells consulting services to help people optimize their accounts and is also a moderator at Search Engine Watch forums. • Your ad click-through rate is going to be highly dependent on your audience profile. More sophisticated people tend to click fewer ads. • Yahoo! is beta testing a publisher contextual ad program similar to Google's, but Yahoo! does not have as much ad network depth as Google does. Also, Yahoo! tends to focus on expensive ads, whereas Google focuses more on ad relevancy, and, thus, gets a higher clickthrough rate.

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