75 but use them sparingly. It makes it easier for people to do what you want them to without needing to think. Some webmasters may be more likely to link to a standards-compliant site. If your site is focused toward a geek or techy market, you will likely want to make sure it validates and is standards compliant. Most sites do neither. If your target audience does not care much about standards, and the time and money it would cost you to make it accessible are too much, then it may not be important to address design and accessibility anytime soon. JavaScript & Active Client Side (browser-based) Scripting Approximately 3-5% of web browsers are not JavaScript-enabled for one reason or another. I recommend minimizing the number of pages using JavaScript whenever possible. In addition, you should place your JavaScript in its own external .js file and link to it from within your pages. This can decrease page load time and improve usability. You can link to the external .js file by placing the following code in your page head. If your entire page is in JavaScript, some people will not see it; in addition, many search engines will not index it properly. Make sure to use noscript tags to define what was in the JavaScript to users with that feature disabled. Noscript tags look like this and should be placed just after a script's location: Hacks There are ways to use CSS and other technologies to do many of the things JavaScript does. Additionally, there are some technologies that give more advanced presentations while still using fairly lean code that search spiders can follow. For example, you can use unordered lists to make DHTML menus. Keep File Size Small The back button is one of the most used buttons on web browsers. If your file takes a long time to load, you may be kissing your user goodbye before she even gets to see your full hello. Specify Image Details To allow quick loading, it is a good idea to specify image sizes on the page so the text can load before the image is rendered. Blah picture.

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