74 crucial to earnings, then you may want to use a fixed width design to better control the ad integration into the site. When you design for different types of users, you not only avoid offending these people, but you also are given extra consideration since you are one of the few who addressed their needs. Placing text in an image is typically a bad idea since it may appear illegible (or overly large) when the user sees the page on a platform different than the one on which it was designed. Think of search engines as visitors with exceptionally poor vision— they cannot read the text in images. Consistent Site Design People expect to see things in certain places. The upper left corner usually has a logo and a link to your home page. (Oftentimes the logo is the link.) Search is either right beneath it or in the upper right-hand corner. Remember, people like to feel comfortable. The most successful ideas are usually just re-packaged successful ideas from the past. Clear navigation also makes it easier for the user to develop comfort and go where you want him to go. Even if you try something risky, at least be consistent with it from page to page. Site-Level Search There are hoards of people who love to search for information. It is well worth it to include a small search box on every page if you have a larger content website. If you do not know anything about dynamic coding, you can get a third party search engine from Atomz, FreeFind, or Google. Many popular content management and blog software providers also have free built-in site-level search. On small sites you should not have a site-level search, as many of the searches will fail to find the desired information and frustrate the searcher. It is far easier to actively guide site visitors than to let them enter random text in a search box. On top of helping visitors navigate your site, a site-level search can also help you find out what terms and ideas your visitors are interested in that your site may not yet have content about. You can create content around their needs and use these terms for refining your pay-per-click keywords. With large sites, especially large forums, it may be helpful to highlight the search terms on the page if site visitors arrived from a search engine. Use Standards Where Applicable People know "blue underline" means "hyperlink." Whenever possible, it is a good idea to follow standards. Sometimes deviations may be necessary for site design, Many sites fail because they do not create substantial value and appeal prior to trying to extract profits. Many non-commercial sites make greater profits than commercial sites because it is far easier and cheaper to build links into non-commercial sites.

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