70 Quality content is conceptually unique content that people would want to read and link at. If you want people to pay attention to you it is important that your create content that is conceptually unique. The following article by Sugarrae explores this topic more in depth: http://www.sugarrae.com/permalink/when-unique-content-is-not-unique/ Writing Ideas to Spread Rather than being so focused on search that you try to match keywords, you can also market certain ideas with the intent to spread. By writing a headline that is juicy, intriguing, or controversial, you stand a much better idea of seeing that idea spread. Search engines follow people. If you spread good ideas then search engines will trust you. Brian Clark's CopyBlogger offers great headline tips in his post titled "Magnetic Headlines" at http://www.copyblogger.com/magnetic-headlines/. Multiple Customer Types I need some people to want to buy my e-book. "Buy my stuff" is not an easy message to spread though. I also need other people to link to my site. Just like I need to sell my e-book to have a business model, I also need to give others a reason why they would want to link to my site because that will market my book. Working From Your Strengths I am typically a bit goofy in the things I say or do. It is why I have created many funny or fun-type websites. It is far easier to be myself than to pull off some sort of act. I am not the best copywriter, and I do not write the best sales letter pages. If you read the 33 Days to Online Profits e-book that comes as a bonus, it will include lots of content about copywriting. Many of the links are not worth buying from for most people. Much of his information in his report about search engines is inadequate or incorrect. However, I still note this document because it shows some copywriting techniques that may be helpful. You only need to be great at one thing to be extremely successful on the web. Yanik Silver is good at selling people stuff with compelling copywriting. I do not suggest that you buy most of the stuff he links to in 33 Days to Online Profits, but I do recommend you glance at how he writes copy. Write Content to Target the Ideal Prospect When you write content, you do not want to create something that makes everyone happy. You want to write to the ideal target customer because your writing will have the greatest effect on the people you are trying to target.

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