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There are a handful of benchmark studies on average CTR to help marketers determine what is a good click through rate. However, if you ask what a successful CTR is, you probably won???t get a clear, concrete answer. Why? See the first paragraph of this section again: there are too many variables that come into play.

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Link Harvester also auto-checks boxes next to each site that links in more than
four times so that you can re-query the tool to filter out the sites that link in many
times to search deeper through the backlink database quickly and easily. That is
something that none of the paid link analysis tools do.
In addition to displaying a link from each of the sites linking in, you can easily
export the data to a spreadsheet. It is free, open source, and uses the Yahoo! API,
so you do not have to worry about the tool getting blocked.
Some people have described GoLexa as a Swiss Army knife tool for SEO. It does
not give the detailed link analysis data that some of the above tools do, but it does
have many useful and interesting features.
Microsoft Forward Links
Many search engines allow you to search for what pages link to your site, but
Microsoft was the first engine to show you what pages a specific domain links at. is the syntax for Microsoft?s forward link command.
You can use the forward links function in a number of ways:
? To quickly check the quality and types of sites that a site links to
? To get a rough indication of what percent of a site?s links are reciprocal
or nepotistic in nature (
? To create an index of seed sites for creating a topic-specific search
engine using the Google Custom Search Engine technology.
Bonus Linking Tip
One of the best ways to use these linking tools is to use them to track the links
pointing to a website that has moved. Alert webmasters to broken links on their
sites and let them know that you have a similar site. Many webmasters will likely
link to your site, especially if you list multiple, similar, useful sites and they do not
think your motives are 100% selfish.
Being Smooth
Sometimes it helps to be a bit smooth. Sometimes I suggest a few resources other
than my own. Sometimes I just put my URL under my name as if its part of my
signature. Other times I just ask for feedback on an idea. All techniques have
worked to get me many quality inbound links in a short period of time.
A non-link-request link request may actually have a higher conversion rate than an
active link request with some webmasters. You have to read the motives of the

67) is newer software that is extremely similar to OptiLink. It
surveys backlinks to find what anchor text is used and linking page PageRank. In
addition, SEO Elite will spider the links on your site or page and check that
reciprocal link partners are linking back to your site.
Greg Boser created a free, lighting-quick link analysis application similar to the
three listed above. Tattler is available free. It only works with Yahoo!, but is
exceptionally fast.
Web-Based Link Analysis
If you do not want to download any link analysis software but still want to analyze
anchor text profiles there are a couple free web based link analysis tools.
Similar to SEO for Firefox, the WeBuildPages Top 10 Analysis Tool compares a
URL to the stats of the top 10 ranked pages in Google. provides link anchor text and PageRank values.
Link Harvester
Link Harvester is a free, web-based link analysis tool I created. Link Harvester will
tell you if a site has any governmental or educational inbound links as well as telling
you the number of unique linking domains and unique linking IP addresses.

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Cheesy Link Exchange Trick
Some people also 301 redirect their new site to an established site to have it show
the PageRank of the other site. Since the PageRank only updates every three
months, they can make many link trades based on fooling webmasters with the
toolbar PageRank from the other site.
Automated Link Exchange Emails
Automation is an extremely bad thing during the human interaction portion of
link exchange. There is a program by the name of Arelis that will automate nearly
100% of the link exchange process, and it may be useful to use for most portions
EXCEPT the human interaction.
You stand a far better chance to get links if you are extremely personal in your
link requests. There are a few linking tools I occasionally use, but keep in mind
that anything that sends automated queries to search engines is usually going to be
against their terms of service.
Evolving Link Analysis
As Google has moved away from PageRank and anchor text and relevancy
algorithms have moved toward things like TrustRank, site age, and link authority,
most of the link analysis tools on the market provide little ROI for the effort and
price required to use them. They can?t measure what the relevancy algorithms are
looking at ? how do you measure TrustRank when the numbers are not public?
You may want to use SEO for Firefox to get an overview of the competitive
ramthoughtsscape, Hub Finder to find topical hub pages, and Yahoo! Site Explorer to dig
up some of your competitor?s top backlinks, but I wouldn?t recommend buying
any link analysis tools at this point. The time and effort spent analyzing outdated
stats would be better spent building links.
SEO for Firefox
The best way to know what your competition level is to look at the quality of the
top few sites and their link profiles. Are their sites .edu sites, old well branded sites,
or other highly useful sites? Do they have many editorial links pointing at their
Google primarily relies upon site age and link reputation to determine relevancy for
competitive terms. Links from government or educational sites are more likely to
be well-trusted in search results since, typically, it is harder to influence them than
the average .com website.